Mommy Blogs Fueling the Ebook Revolution

As a new business launching our first product, we considered countless ways to market our company and our product.  The Truly Great Noodle, a children’s app for the iPad, was an original story by an unknown author.  Grids Interactive had not yet made a name for itself as a publisher of premier interactive children’s books.  Fortunately, we received some help through an unexpected source:  mom bloggers.  Who better to discuss our interactive e-book than knowledgeable moms who make it their business to know what is good for their children?

A few moms in particular helped publicize our efforts to foster a love of reading in children.  In fact, they read, “The Truly Great Noodle” with their own children and wrote reviews for their websites.  Carisa Kluver of began her website when she saw a need for an e-book review site.  After searching for meaningful reviews from other sites, she realized, “They were missing what was important about what I, as a parent, wanted to know about the book.”  Felicia of began her site after researching baby products on the internet while she was pregnant.  Felicia could not find the information she wanted in one place, so she decided after her son was born that she would compile her information into one site and share it with other moms.

Bloggers have various reasons for joining the social media family.  Like Carisa and Felicia, they may discover that they have a need for something and decide they can meet that need for others.  Perhaps they have a hobby like crafting or couponing and want to share their knowledge with others.  Maybe they feel passionate about something and a blog is their way to express that.  Yet others could use it as a way to reach out to people in similar situations or lifestyles, whether it be about pregnancy, raising children, or living healthy, to name a few.

No matter how or why someone begins their blog, the rewards can sometimes be unexpected.  Felicia with Go Graham Go discovered that, “Being a mom blogger has…created a community of great friends!”  Sometimes blogging turns into a profitable venture.  Some bloggers, after gaining notoriety and followers, generate income by selling advertising space on their websites.  Others receive free products to sample because they are willing to write reviews on them.  Carisa with Digital-Storytime told us that receiving an e-book for free that others purchase for $1.99 is not the reason she spends 3-4 hours on each published review she writes.  She does it because she wants to provide information to others that will help them make informed choices.

The relatively new phenomenon of social media is bound to change dramatically in the next several years, but one thing is for certain:  businesses are utilizing social media to benefit their sales and marketing.  Because of the influence social media writers have on business today, we are going to feature someone in the near future who has impacted Grids in a positive way.  Look for our spotlight article on Digital-Storytime soon!


Author: Ande Anderson, Grids Interactive




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